The Tibetan Wheel of Life Poster

The Tibetan Wheel of Life Poster

We just add the Tibetan Wheel of Life Poster to our store. When we were doing our research on Sinxay we learned about the Tibetan Wheel of Life paintings. As we write in our chapter on Buddhism,

The rich Buddhist symbolism seen in Nepal and Tibet, includes the Tibetan Wheel of Life, a symbolic representation of samsara found on the outside walls of Tibetan Buddhist temples and monasteries in the Indo-Tibetan region (Tibet, India, Nepal, Bhutan.) In the Mahāyāna Buddhist tradition, many believe it was the Buddha who came up with the concept of this painting in order to help ordinary people better understand the essential teachings of Buddhism, similar to the role of Jātaka tales. The three poisons of greed, hate, and delusion (represented in Sinxay by Nyak Koumphan) are graphically displayed in the center of the Tibetan Wheel of Life as a rooster, representing greed; a snake, representing anger and hate; and a pig, representing delusion and ignorance; all endlessly chasing one another’s tails.

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At one time we wanted to get a poster and looked and looked on the Internet and didn’t find too many, and none we really liked. As it turned out my sister went to Nepal and she bought a Thangka painting of The Wheel of Life for me. It is beautiful, and thinking about not finding anything really nice on the Internet, I decided to have a number of posters made, and then had them laminated so they would be durable. We are now making these available on the website, along with our book on Sinxay. For the size of the poster and being laminated, there’s no better price to be found. We have priced it so low to make it readily available for anyone interested. And the cost of shipping and mailing (first class) is only $4, another bargain.

We highly recommend getting the book The Tibetan Wheel of Existence which comprehensively explains every facet of the painting in depth. A superb book and is available from third party sellers on Amazon.

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