Thank you to Lao Americans Writers Summit

Thank you to Lao Americans Writers Summit

Bai and I would like to thank the Lao Americans Writers Summit for supporting Sinxay and our shared goal of wanting people to feel comfortable trying to present Lao culture and to share it for the next generation. It’s all about people of different cultures working together and setting aside their differences for the common good. We believe anyone who takes the time to carefully read Sinxay and contemplate all the illustrations in the book will agree that our passion for promoting Lao culture through Sinxay can be seen reflected in the words of Pangkham in his introduction to Sang Sinxay.

I want this poem to be like a mirror illuminating your mind, showing you the way when you might feel lost. I respect and revere this poem; it is a blessing, like a lamp over rmy head that will forever shine brightly. As I write this poem, I will explain the dhamma, a model that people can understand and follow. It is marvelous, a miracle for this world, as are the fifty jātakas. 

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