Snow White, Soumountha and Sinxay

Snow White, Soumountha and Sinxay

Our daughter is at the age where she enjoys watching certain Disney movies, and we recently introduced her to Snow White. When we were watching Snow White I was thinking when, at the beginning when Snow White was running away from the wicked queen, her stepmother, how she was befriended by all the creatures in the forest and how similar it was to Soumountha in Sinxay.

In our retelling we write:

Phanya Kousarat had only one sister, who was as beautiful as a thevada (celestial deity). Phanya Kousarat’s love for his sister was unsurpassed, and she was as precious to him as his own eyes. Her name was Nang (Miss) Soumountha, and she was the most beautiful woman in the kingdom; her grace and virtue surpassed those of any other woman. All the people in the kingdom respected and loved her, and all the men dreamed of her, even Nyak Koumphan.

Nang Soumountha’s life in the palace was full of joy and happiness. Her rooms were exquisitely decorated with sparkling crystals and pearls that looked like stars in the sky. In every corner of each room and on both sides of her bed were vases filled with beautiful flowers, whose intoxicating smell permeated the palace.

When Soumountha was young, she fell in love with the wildlife around the palace. The sounds, sights, and smells of the natural world were soothing to her. Many kinds of birds, including parrots, doves, and peacocks, sung a variety of sweet melodies to keep her company.

Above is a photo illustrated by Khamla Phanyasith of Soumountha, who like Snow White, reveled in the friendship of the animals in the forests surrounding the palace/cottage.

You can look at the fantasy map below that we had drawn of the World of Sinxay and can see that forests are a dominant feature of the landscape.

BNA3 - 1 (2)


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