Sinxay review by Air America Pilot, Captain Bill Collier

Sinxay review by Air America Pilot, Captain Bill Collier

Captain Bill Collier is currently writing a book on his experiences in Laos as an Air America Helicopter pilot during the Secret War. He has already written one book, The Adventures of a Helicopter Pilot: Flying the H-34 helicopter in Vietnam for the United States Marine Corps, and the Laos book he says should be even better. We got to know him because he wants to use some of our aerial photos of Long Tieng. You can see one of our photos of Long Tieng above.

Anyway, once he knew we had just self-published Sinxay, Bill said he wanted to read Sinxay and sent us the following review after reading the book.

As a pilot for Air America, I worked in Isan (Northeast Thailand/Laos) for 30 months. Somewhat Isolated from the local culture, I had no idea of the rich, varied mythology behind all those ornate temple doors and paintings.I am pleased to have this book open my mind to a magical world I never knew existed.

The story of Sinxay is one of loyalty to family, persistence, patience and commitment, how to overcome million-to-one odds and hardship, all wrapped up in an on-going adventure quest. It is a great story for children to learn the true values of life. Sinxay is my new folk hero.

The story is gorgeously presented in a colorful tome full of beautiful illustrations and photographs, which is obviously the fruit borne of a passion for the story of Sinxay by the authors.

We like the idea of Sinxay becoming a new folk hero! Thank you Bill Collier.

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