Sinxay Memorable Quotations #1

Sinxay Memorable Quotations #1

Sinxay will soon be available for sale on our website, prior to our Amazon launch on March 1. In celebration of having our book finally available for sale, we are putting together a series of our favorite quotations from Sinxay,  combining them with images from our book, using Canva, which we will be posting on a regular basis in our blog. If a particular quotation strikes your fancy, please share it on your favorite social media site.

This quote came from our introduction where we discussed how Sinxay, as a bodhisatta-hero, follows the classic archetypal hero quest, summarized by Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces. The quotation itself comes from a book written by Jean Houston, The Wizard of Us.  While doing our research, both in Laos and Isan, person after person told us what a dramatic effect Sinxay had made in transforming their lives. It was amazing to hear their personal stories, some of which we share in Sinxay.

The image we use is drawn by Khamla Phanyasith and is meant to illustrate the time when Dr. Thongkham Onemanisone first heard the story of Sinxay read by a weaver from a palm leaf manuscript in the village where he grew up. Dr. Thongkham is an award-winning Lao author, who wrote a book analyzing Sinxay published in 2012 titled, The Role of Soumountha and the Wisdom of Sinxay. Unfortunately this oral tradition is mostly gone, replaced by the trappings of modernity. The unfortunate reality is that now fewer and fewer young people in Laos know about Sinxay. Even most of the young monks know nothing about Sinxay.

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