Sinxay available for sale on our website!

Sinxay available for sale on our website!

We are now offering Sinxay for sale here on our website. For about one month we will be offering a standard 20% discount. For those who signup for our mailing list we are offering a 30% off coupon good until January 31st. At our store we offer a blanket $6 charge for Priority Mail shipping. At our printer’s website here they too are offering a 20% discount, plus they offer the choice of sending the book by media mail for a cheaper price, but it takes about twice as long to get delivered.

We have self published Sinxay, so like the character Sinxay, we are facing a David vs. Goliath giant hurdle to successfully promoting Sinxay. The publishing industry does not look favorably on self publishers like ourselves, and there are numerous obstacles they have created to make it more difficult for our book to enter the main stream of wide-spread acceptance. They would prefer Sinxay get caught up in some side eddy, stuck swirling around endlessly. That’s ok, we don’t mind accepting the challenge, like Sinxay, and are eager to prove that Sinxay is just as good a traditionally published book.

Would you like to help us out? If you buy Sinxay, read it, and like it, please write a review that you can post on Amazon when we launch Sinxay around March 1. The more reviews posted, the more credibility in the eye of the general public. Thank you in advance.

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