Sinxay and Siho fight the Big Snake

Sinxay and Siho fight the Big Snake

In 2010, during the year-long 450th anniversary celebration of the founding of Vientiane, February 27 was set aside to celebrate, honor, and promote Sinxay in Laos. It was the first time Sinxay had been formally recognized in Laos by such an event. This special day was made possible due to the efforts of Douangdeuane Bounyavong. During the celebration, galleries of pictures drawn by local students were displayed, and students affiliated with the Vientiane’s Children’s Education Centre performed the story under the direction of Daravong Kanlagna, grandson of Maha Sila Viravong.

Below is a video clip of the student performance when Sinxay, Siho and Sangthong and the six brothers were confronted by the angry and hungry Big Snake. This is a pivotal scene in Sinxay when, as Sinxay told all of them, that they shouldn’t be afraid: it was only a reptile on the ground and, in fact, was a good omen that they all saw the snake together at the same time, because it would be a test of their bravery. And so it was!





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