New review of Sinxay

New review of Sinxay

We recently received the following review of Sinxay. We’re not going to post all our reviews, but when reading the first paragraph of the following review we were reminded of Sinxay’s origins in oral storytelling. Simple, but complex, oral storytelling can be like that, drawing the listener quickly in to the story, but then layering on more meaning as the story continues. Sang Sinxay, as written by Pangkham in the late 1600’s, was written in elaborate poetic verse and was designed to be chanted, primarily in temples. We’re glad that our retelling still captures some of this oral storytelling magic for readers today.

     Sinxay is a fascinatingly simple story, so even a child can understand. However, it’s also incredibly complex, adding meanings and layers of subtlety that will affect all readers. It has a bit of everything—intriguing drama, mysterious creatures, first romances, long relationships, interesting characters, quirky challenges, and life lessons.

     Letting my mind absorb the story, along with the beautiful illustrations and photos, was an incredible experience. While part of the telling of this journey is like any other story, Sinxay’s message resonated within my heart and soul as it describes a truth about all people and the world we share.

     As I read Sinxay, I was captivated, educated, and enlightened to the similarities and differences between my culture and other cultures. I was moved to sadness but also enthused with great joy. As I learned more about the story’s extensive history, what it means to the people who created the story, the amazing architecture and culture associated with Sinxay, and the social structure that it has infused into the Lao-Thai community, I was mesmerized. It gave me completely new insights into an unfamiliar culture and revealed how to use the lessons that this story teaches in my own life.

     My heartfelt gratitude is sent to the authors for bringing Sinxay to us—the excellence with which the translation was done; the commitment to provide beautiful illustrations, artwork, and photos; and the detailed maps and explanations to help the reader are incredible. I recommend this book to readers of all ages and backgrounds—for entertainment, education, enlightenment, and especially for the heartfelt message that it conveys.

Joni Wilson, Independent Editor/Upwork

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