First Review of Sinxay

First Review of Sinxay

We’re including the first review we received on Sinxay. There have been concerns shown that we need to include the name of the reviewer for each review we posted. You will see that that this review was written by:

Dr. Eric Crystal   Vice-Chair, Center for Southeast Asia Studies. U.C. Berkeley (Ret.)

The mythical Lao culture hero Sinxay is vividly brought to life in this new publication by Peter and Baythong Whittlesey, faithfully detailing the centuries old story. Their book is not only cogently written, it is also beautifully illustrated with a combination of commissioned paintings, enhanced temple murals and creative photography. The book emphasizes the the moral and ethical principles which underlay an ancient poem once faithfully recited in temples throughout Laos and northeast Thailand at crucial festivals and life crisis rites. Sinxay also brings the importance and relevance of the story directly into the modern world with analysis of contemporary textile design, Buddhist temple decoration, and contemporary political manipulation of a key culture hero. The clear, concise and fluid style of this book makes it relevant for area studies scholars, students of Southeast Asia and the general public alike. This modern reinterpretation of a story never before available to English language readers will be a valuable addition to any library. As the first English presentation of the story of Sinxay this book is a remarkable initial contribution by two independent scholars based in Sacramento, California.


Eric Crystal   Vice-Chair, Center for Southeast Asia Studies. U.C. Berkeley (Ret.)

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