Chanting Sinxay by Bounteum Sibounheuang


Here is the nearly three hour recording of Sinxay being professionally chanted by Bounteum Sibounheuang in a recording studio in Vientiane. We paid for him to record Sinxay and we know there is nothing else like this that exists. If you can understand Lao, Lao Buhan and Pali, then you’re in an advantageous position and can hear the story of Sinxay told as it was over three hundred years ago. Even if you can’t understand the language, but have been to Laos or have some kind of background in Laos, just listening to it should allow you to imagine what it might have been like to hear this story told. It’s considered on the three masterpieces of Lao literature just because of the sophisticated poetic verse, written most likely by someone in the royal court or connected to the royal court.

We write in our book that possible occasions where people might have heard Sinxay would include during Buddhist festivals—the most important being Khao Phansa, which marks the beginning of the three-month Buddhist “Lent” period lasting from June–July to September–October. At this time, monks are expected to stay in their own temples to study the Buddha’s teachings and to meditate. During Khao Phansa, lay people can earn merit by making donations to their village temple and by listening to monks chanting Jātaka stories, such as Vetsantra and, in the past, Sang Sinxay.

Here is the recording, ENJOY!!!