Sinxay Book update

Sinxay Book update

It seems the work never ends when self-publishing a book. We had our interior designer finished her first proof of the manuscript and then we sent it to our editor who has made numerous notes regarding changes that need/should be made. We’re in the process of going through these notes and adding our own, mostly agreeing with her advice and sometimes adding some more of our own. Our book is made more complicated by the number of illustrations we’re using. Placing these illustrations so they match the text on the same or facing page is not always easy to do. And then some images should be as large as possible, while other images are less important and can be sized smaller. As it is our book is now slightly over 300 pages! (8×10). It’s not going to be as cheap as we would like, but we hope readers appreciate, not only the revealing of the story of Sinxay for the first time in English, but the beautiful illustrations we use in the retelling and in the contextual chapters.

We are still planning to have the initial run of books printed by early fall. How it will work out with Amazon we’re not quite sure as we haven’t crossed that bridge yet. We will have the book formatted so an ePub/Kindle version will be available. It would be great to find a first class printer in Bangkok so we can have books more easily distributed in Thailand or Laos and save on shipping chargers. Unfortunately Ingram Sparks doesn’t print in Bangkok, one source we’ve thought of using. We’re open to any suggestions if anyone knows of a good printing establishment in Bangkok.

Below is a gallery of three more photos of illustrations of Soumountha, the princess who is abducted by Nyak Koumphan and rescued by Sinxay. Our featured image shows an illustration by Nick Bowen of Soumountha relaxing in the palace gardens with her ladies-in-waiting before she is abducted by Nyak Koumphan.



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