Amazon update for Sinxay and a “Treasured” review

Amazon update for Sinxay and a “Treasured” review

It’s not easy self publishing a book. We’re having to work through the Amazon Advantage program to have them stock Sinxay and they’ve been ordering very small quantities at a time. I can understand the first couple of times as sort of a trial on whether we can follow their protocols of shipping within certain deadlines, but after we have proven our selves and they’ve been getting orders for the book, you think they might order Sinxay large quantities. The way it has worked the last couple of weeks is that Sinxay has appeared in stock only for two days, the rest of the time it’s been “temporarily out of stock.” And this is even after they’ve received new orders from us. So what seems to be happening is that people have placed orders which are fulfilled as soon as the books arrive, thus there are never any extra copies to show it being in stock. Well Amazon, order larger quantities to the book can be listed as being in stock! That will almost definitely cause people to order the book, not wanting to have to wait. You make money and we make money and more people learn about Sinxay.

But we realize it’s part of the game we have to play. We are very thankful for the ten reviews we have so far, eight 5 star and two 4 star reviews. And there are some very well written (at least we think so!) reviews, often short, sweet and to the point. Thank you readers of Sinxay!!! Here’s an example:

A Treasure Chest

SINXAY is a rich and lavish book. It is a treasure chest: a fabled and complex heroic story, the story-behind-the-story, and the story-after-the-story. Besides the shiny gold of the tale itself, there are bright gems in photographs, maps, illustrations old and new, and examples of the story and its players as found in murals, carvings, and statues. SINXAY is part entertainment; part cultural study; part Buddhist philosophy; part historical and literary archeology; all joined as a wonderful work of dedication and inspiration.

And on the final page, looking at the authors’ photo — their beautiful daughter in their arms — and reading their personal note, you will find that SINXAY is also a real love story with a happy ending… or perhaps it is a new beginning. For the story of SINXAY shows that there is always more to come.

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