A Review from Dr. Ellison Findly

A Review from Dr. Ellison Findly

Occasionally we’ll post reviews sent our way. They not only warm our hearts, they give us hope, We’ll end up repeating this, but we are self-publishing Sinxay at our own expense and have no outside support, it’s just Bai and myself. We appreciate those of you that have read Sinxay and encourage you to think about writing a review, or if you haven’t yet purchased Sinxay, maybe now’s the time to buy a copy. We’ve created a Woo Commerce store right on this website to make ordering Sinxay easier. We consider the months of January and February our soft opening. Around March 1 we will launch Sinxay on Amazon, and at the same time hoping to have 20-30 reviews posted. All part of the process of trying to get Sinxay noticed and gain more credibility.

We also have a Sinxay book page on Goodreads and encourage any of you that write reviews to post one there. If you do write a review that you would like to post on Amazon, let us know and we’ll put you on our list of reviewers. We will keep everyone updated on when the launch date will be, plus information on posting reviews on Amazon.

Here’s the review by Dr. Findly, Chair of Religious Studies at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. She mentions our “outstanding” illustrations and we’ve included one of our contemporary favorites above, a commissioned piece by Nick Bowen who illustrated the scene when Soumountha was relaxing in the palace gardens right before she was abducted by Nyak Koumphan. We love his portrayal of Soumountha and the servant girls both dancing and relaxing while making dok champa flower necklaces, the ornate architecture, the lavish gardens and the musicians and guards tucked away in the pavilion toward the back. Sinxay is so much the better because of Nick’s illustrations and his redrawing of some of the mural details.

This important new contribution to Lao literature in English retells the Sinxay story with vivid clarity and authenticity. The authors have presented the spirited tale of a major Lao hero and his family within the interpretative contexts of Lao culture, the contemporary renaissance of Sinxay in the Isan culture of Thailand, the history of Lao literature, and the Bodhisattva tradition of the Buddhist Jataka stories. What makes this book an especially lively and timely contribution are the fabulous illustrations. The photos by the authors and the paintings by several artists are outstanding, and they enhance the graceful and animated story that the authors have carefully crafted. A must read for anyone interested in Southeast Asian literature.


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